About StopAsianHateCrime.info

Hi, I’m Richard Uy. I’m Asian American and I am angry.

It started mostly with people crossing to the other side of the street when I was walking my dog. Then my Korean friends were telling me of stories of how they were getting cussed out in public with statements like “Fuck your chinavirus” or “Go back to where you belong”.

Then my cousin got his face slashed in the subway. He was just on his way to work

Every week has brought some kind of new attack on Asian Americans. From the mass shooting in Georgia to the multiple physical assaults on Asian grandmothers across the country. It’s disgusting and I used my anger to empower myself and create this website.

This is one of my ways of fighting back. It’s purely an informational resource and collection of data & organizations that I found helpful and causes that can help the families and communities of Asian Americans who are experiencing hate. I wanted to help organize the info and help spread awareness to worthy causes

I hope this helps you

Please stay safe out there