In the past year, Anti-Asian Hate Crimes surged by 145% while overall hate crimes dropped by 6%

There have been nearly 3,800 hate incidents against Asian Americans in the past year.

Asian women were 2.3 times to be victims of anti-asian hate incidents

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Help Resources

What is discrimination and how do we protect ourselves/the Asian community? This list is a non comprehensive overview of your rights against discrimination (by state) and how to be a good ally or protect yourself and others during a hate crime/incident

Understanding Your Rights To Be Treated Fairly and Without Discrimination

This is a compiled list of statutes and resources based on Stop AAPI Hate’s Survey of Federal and State Laws. If you or a loved one has experienced discrimination, please use this list as a general reference. This is organized based on state jurisdictions

How to Help Others or Protect Yourself During an Active Incident

These safety resources, created by the Asian American Foundation and the Center for Anti-Violence Education, teach targeted individuals how to de-escalate threatening situations and defend themselves in the event of anti-Asian violence.

The flyers in 5 Asian languages offer strategies to help individuals safely intervene if they see someone being targeted or to use verbal and/or physical methods to safely exit a threatening situation.

Multilingual Safety Tips for Those Experiencing or Witnessing Hate

This resource is compiled by Stop AAPI Hate and is designed to give tips for how to stay safe and how to be a good ally when someone experiences hate

Online Training Sessions for Intervention and Harassment Training

These free online training events by the Asian Americans Advancing Justice are designed to help you protect others and yourself and deescalate hate incident situations